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1 Starter, 1 Main course, dessert : 39 Euros
1 Starter, 1 Fish course, 1 Meat course, dessert : 49 Euros

Crispy crab meat, avocado and mesclun

Fried Foie gras with summer fruit and vinegar juice

Prawns in a fricassee, refreshed with the scent of lemongrass and citrus


Roasted monkfish with turmeric, seasonal vegetables

Fillet of red mullet with artichokes and flax seeds, shellfish juice


Filet of Lamb with Garam Masala, tomatoes with sweet garlic cream

Pan-fried veal kidneys with mushrooms

Roasted Bresse chicken with morel mushrooms andMuscat de Beaune de Venise


Homemade pastries plate

The composition of summer sorbets and fruit of the valley